Sunshine Nutrition Lozenges Menthol Flavour 30 Drops

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Sunshine Nutrition Lozenges are a sugar-free and non-sedating lozenge. These are soothing cough suppressants, and they are made up of natural herbs. It helps to relieve sore throat, pharyngitis, and cough. It reduces mucosal inflammation. It is gluten, sugar, and alcohol-free. 

  • Relieve chest congestion
  • Reduce Mucus production
  • Soothes sore throat
  • Relieves Coughing
  • It has no side effects, and it is clinically safe.


  • Anti-allergic and anti-histamine: Lozenges have anti-allergic and anti-histamine properties, which help reduce the cold and cough due to different types of allergies. Because of its anti-microbial and immune resistance properties, it helps to prevent cough of various types like whooping cough. Lozenges not only treat cough, but it also makes the immune system strong and healthy. 
  • Medicinal properties: Sunshine Lozenges have different healing properties, and medicinal properties like these are mucolytic, analgesic, antitussive, antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, and antioxidant. 
  • Clinical properties: These lozenges relieve the mucosal membranes because of their anti-inflammatory and demulcent properties. It is beneficial for pharyngitis and dry cough. 
  • Relieves Cough: Lozenges persist in coughing and reduce the symptoms of whooping cough. 
  • Alleviates Mucosal irritation: It reduces mucosal irritation and chest congestions. 
  • Soothes throat: It has anti-microbial properties; and it supports the respiratory system and treats different infections of the respiratory system.
  • Reduce inflammation: These lozenges help in the normal functioning of musical membranes and reduce the membranes' chronic inflammation. It also maintains the lubrication of bronchitis. 
  • Treat Pharyngitis: these lozenges are easy to suck, and it treats the pharyngitis. It is made up of natural herbs that will reduce the symptoms of laryngitis. 
  • Tonsillitis: Lozenges help to treat throat pain, swollen glands, and tenderness that can be caused by a different bacterial infection. The pain and infection can lead to tonsils, and it can be chronic. Natural herbs in the lozenges kill the harmful bacteria and infection-causing agents and treat the tonsils. 

Suggested use:

The suggested usage of lozenges is:

  • Adults and children of more than five years: 1 drop and dissolve slowly in the mouth
  • Take a drop after 2 hours or according to the recommendation of a healthcare professional.
  • For children under five years, ask a healthcare professional.


If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

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