Naturya Organic Sundried Goji Berries 200 g

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Our Goji berries are grown at an altitude of 10,500ft in Delingha, a grassland by lake Kelu, located in Haixi Mongolia and the Tibetan Plateau. Protected from insects due to its extremely high altitude as well as unique dry and cold climate, Delingha makes for the perfect location to grow organic, pesticide-free goji berries. Each tree can produce around 1kg of berries, which are harvested between June and November of each year. As the ripe berries are fragile and easily damaged they must be carefully picked by hand, avoiding the sharp thorns of the goji tree. Legend holds that if touched when unripe, the goji berry will oxidize and turn black, and the traditional hand picking method is still favored over mechanical harvesting today. Our gojis are carefully checked for metal contaminants and placed in an air eparator in order to remove foreign material. They are then dried in a controlled environment, to prevent contamination from bacteria and insects, and to ensure correct moisture. They are finally passed through another metal detection process, to ensure complete purity and safety. The goji berry originates in Asia and has been cultivated by Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan people for over 5000 years. The small densely branched tree thrives in alkaline soils and can be found today growing wild in mountainous areas throughout Asia and Europe. The goji tree is a hardy plant and tolerates climatic extremes in its native Himalayan range, from winter lows of – 26°C to summer highs of up to 40°C. Trees begin to produce berries after 2 years of growth, and bloom with small, white trumpet shaped flowers before bearing fruit each autumn Goji berries are also known as ‘wolf berries’ and the name goji is thought to originate from the Chinese character ‘gou’ meaning dog, or wolf. The main goji growing area in Asia today is Ningxia province, where over 180,000 acres of land are devoted to the cultivation of goji trees for their fruit. In rural parts of China, stands of goji plants can still be found growing wild where local villagers have returned to pick their fruit for hundreds of generations.


  • Iron, copper & vitamin C contribute to the normal function of the immune system
  • Iron & copper contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Potassium contributes to normal muscle function
  • High in fibre
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