All about protein Bars and the best in the market

Introduction Nutritional protein bars Advantages Drawbacks and safety measures How to choose Best Supplements Conclusion Written By : Introduction Do.

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Chlorophyll Supplements

Introduction Benefits Side-effects Precautions Dosage Considerations Natural Chlorophyll Key message Best Supplements Written By : You might have seen videos.

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Protein Powders : Its Biological Function and Consequences

What Are Protein powder Animal-based Proteins Plant-based protiens Conclusion Written By : Within your body, protein plays the role of.

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Importance of Flexibility

Introduction Why Do You Think Three Types Written By : Do you have the feeling that your body is always sore?  A flash of pain when you stretch up to reach the shelf? Or maybe a burning sensation in your back or thighs when you lean down to pick something up? Being unable to do things that had once felt easy and painless, is what happens when you become less flexible.  But how does it happen? Are you doing something wrong? Is there a way to stop it? Don’t worry, this article will teach you about your flexibility, and how to ensure that it’s as great as you remember it to be, or even better! What is flexibility? Flexibility is defined by the American College of Sports medicine as the ability to move your joint, using its complete range of motion.  Interest in flexibility originated in the early 1900s when orthopedic cases increased during world war 1. In 1950 Krause and colleagues published a study stating that children were not flexible enough to perform certain exercises. According to David Nolan, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusette General Hospital,  you should regularly stretch. Stretching is important for keeping your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. .

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The Most Popular Diets Among Athletes

Raw Food Diet Gluten Free Diet FODMAP Diet Balanced Diet Written By : Raw food diet Among some of the.

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Intermittent Fasting For Athletes: The Great Guide

What is Intermittent Intermittent Fasting What is the Mechanism What are the Benefits Fasting For Athletes Tips for Intermittent The.

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