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New Country Healthcare


Vitamin D Drops

Vitamin D is essential for the growth and development of bones of children. Deficiency in vitamin D can lead to serious health conditions.

Wellbbay vitamin

It is formulated carefully by the expert of nutrients. It contains all the essential nutrients and minerals that are essential for the growth of babies. 

Getting vitamin D

It contains recommended levels of vitamin D by the department of health. 

Measuring syringe 

It also contains a useful measuring syringe by which you can measure the levels easily. 


It contains ingredients such as vitamin D, olive oil, and Vitamin D3, which is also known as Cholecalciferol.

How to use it? 

You have to give this orally to your child by following the given instructions. 

  • From birth to children of 4 years: Give only 0.5ml per day. Measurement will be marked on the syringe. Do not exceed the recommended amount. 

You should follow the given instruction for measuring the syringe. 

  • Take the syringe and insert it in the bottle, then hold the bottle upside down. 
  • Tae out 0.5ml very carefully and note it on the syringe. 
  • Then carefully administer the drops on the tongue of the baby.
  • After the usage, wash and dry the syringe. 
  • Do not steam sterilize the syringe. 


  • You cannot use the bottle if the seal is broken or purchased. 
  • After usage, replace the cap of the bottle tightly. 
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