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Heat and cold applications are universally recognized as a treatment for pain relief and non-inflammatory conditions, are used in therapy, to alleviate ailments, and for a general feeling of well-being.
As a heat pack for the relief of tension, cold-related discomfort, for targeted warmth of specific muscle groups, before massage, for menstrual cramps, back pain, and if recommended by a medical professional, also for the
relief of rheumatics pain. As a cold pack to treat bruises, strains, sprains, headache, toothache, joint inflammation, swelling, migraine. The SISSEL® Soft Touch is ergonomically shaped to follow the contours of neck or lumbar area. To use warm Place the flat SISSEL® Soft Touch on the plate of a clean microwave. Heat at 600 W - 800 W (maximum) for 60 seconds, remove and check. If more heat is required, knead the pack to distribute the warmth evenly and heat for a further 15 seconds. Do not exceed the total maximum heating period of 90 seconds. To use cold Place the flat SISSEL Soft Touch in the freezer for 1-2 hours. (Not suitable for temperatures under -12° C).
The cold SISSEL Soft Touch can now be applied to the affected area.

  • Heat should not be applied in cases of undiagnosed, acute inflammatory, or febrile conditions.
  • Do not use in cases of impaired sensitivity to heat or cold, on broken skin, open wounds, tumors or eczema, or in cases of cardiovascular disease.
  • Do not use on non-compliant patients, those with kidney or bladder complaints, circulatory disorders, infants under 1 year whose sensitivity to heat or cold differs to that of adults and who cannot remove an uncomfortable source of heat or cold.
  • We recommend the use of a towel between the pack and bare skin.
  • In cases of persistent pain please consult your doctor.
  • Check the pack temperature on the wrist before use.
  • Only use on or by children after adult instruction and under adult supervision.
  • Do not use leaking packs or packs with tears.
  • If the contents come into contact with eyes or skin, flush out or rinse off with clear water.
  • If the contents are swallowed rinse out the mouth with clear water.


Cover: laminated plastic foil, Contents: water, clay mineral, Propyleneglycole, preservatives 

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