MAK BAR Pro (Cookies 'N' Cream Flavor) Protein Bar 12 X 55g

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Alassassi General Trading LLC


MAK BAR PRO (Cookies N Cream) 18g Protein Snack is made for people craving a delicious chocolatey-feel like energy snack leaving out all the guilt. MAK BAR protein is enriched with the most nutritious natural ingredients like Almonds, Dates, Vanilla and Clean Plant based pea protein, which makes MAK BAR PRO a perfect Low Sugar Meal Replacement for Vegetarians. The Careful treatment of the ingredients inside the MAK BAR gives it its “Trademark” feel which is a soft brownie-like texture from the inside, melts easily in the mouth and having no aftertaste. Topping it all off is a Belgian Chocolate Coating which allows the texture of the protein bar to be as smooth from the outside as it is from the inside. MAK BAR PRO is for the workout class enthusiasts fitting as Pre or Post Workout Meal, for the on-the-goer, for the parent who just wants a delicious high protein snack for their kid, without the extra added sugars. That’s not all, our signature sugar-free Belgian chocolate coating really makes MAK BAR pro naturally delicious & an indulgent protein bar. With All Natural ingredients that are gluten-free, preservative free and with no added sugars, these Protein bars are made to accompany wherever you are on your wellness journey. It has been packed under hygienic conditions, making it highly beneficial for you. Please read the instructions on the package before use.


  • Maintained the Delicious and Soft texture from the inside (Brownie-Like Texture). Gluten-Free, Preservative Free, Vegetarian and Guilt-Free, Also Low in Calories (218) and Low in Sugar.
  • A new line of MAK BAR which is the PRO edition, mainly characterized by a boost in Protein from 11g to 18g of protein. Making this bar more of a meal replacement whether on the go or just as a post workout snack.
  • Plant Based Protein Enriched, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, All Natural, Belgian Chocolate Coated Protein Bar,18g of Protein, High in Fiber, Nutrition Facts: -Calories: 218.
  • Super tasty, light, and healthy, protein snacks, Muscle Gain, Perfect for a breakfast on the go, mid-day snack, or pre/post workout meal. MAK BAR pro brings a whole new snacking experience with its smooth and soft brownie-like texture away from the chewiness and discomforting feeling of most protein bars.


Pea Protein, Dates, Almonds, Cacao Powder, Caramel, Milk Chocolate with Sweetener (Maltitol), Cookies & Cream and Natural Vanilla, Made from All Natural and Premium Ingredients. 

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