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<p><strong>1441 Fitness Olympic Color Bumper Weight Plate for Barbells & Lifting - Solid Steel Rubber Weights for Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Training - 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg - SOLD AS PER PIECE</strong></p> <p><strong>✔ BUMPER PLATES ARE SAFER FOR OLYMPIC LIFTS:</strong></p> <p>Exercises like the overhead squat, jerks and snatches require you to bring weights high up, and from time to time, whether because you have repped out or you can’t lower the weights safely without injuring yourself, you will drop them.</p> <p>Bumper plates can be dropped when you max out or you won’t be able to lower the bar without hurting yourself.</p> <p><strong>✔ BUMPER PLATES ARE EXCEPTIONALLY DURABLE:</strong><br />Bumper plates are an excellent investment for their durability. Unlike iron or steel plates, which can rust when exposed to humid air and wet conditions, bumper plates are wrapped in rubber that protects the iron. <br />If you are putting together a home gym that is going to be subject to the elements, consider Hi-temp bumper plates. They are the more “bouncy” and rugged bumper plates that are more durable than your rubber bumper plates.</p> <p><strong>✔ NO DAMAGE & LESS NOISE:</strong><br />The rubber exterior of these bumper plates not only gives an aesthetic appeal, but also allows you to lift without worry of damage to flooring or the plates. These plates are built tough to withstand drops, if needed. Instead of the loud clang of typical cast iron, you'll have a much quieter lifting experience - which will be much appreciated by others around you. </p>


✔ HIGH-QUALITY STRENGTH – 1441 Fitness CrossFit plate is derived from heavy-duty stainless steel with a solid, high-grade, low-bounce rubber cover surrounding the parameter, alleviating damage to flooring, equipment, and injury to oneself.

✔ STAINLESS STEEL CENTER SLEEVE – The centre sleeve, made of stainless steel, allows smooth insertion of an Olympic-sized bar into the plate. It’s trimmed to let it to seamlessly integrate with the bar’s shaft.

✔ QUIETER AND SAFER - These durable barbell plates reduce the clanging and clattering noise you often hear when working out with a barbell. Our Olympic weight plates are more comfortable and protective than cast iron barbell weights.

✔ PERFECT FOR HOME AND GYM USE - Suitable for fitness beginners and gym buffs, this plate allows you to train your way to more muscular physique in the conducive environment of a gym or in the comfort of your home.

✔ Professional-Grade - Our weights meet the standard for Olympic competition. Each weight plate varies thickness & weight, they seamlessly transfer from bar to rack, so the only thing you have to worry about is performance.

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