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Chlorella - The Power Of Green

It's time for action, time for new ways of prevention and cure.

  • Behind most chronic diseases stands a cocktail effect of nutrition, heavy metals, man-made chemicals and toxins, electromagnetic fields, poor physical activity, intestinal health condition, quality of enzyme and hormone production, and mental condition.
  • Natural therapies are the right health prevention decision. taking care of ourselves is no longer a luxury but a necessity considering that a correct lifestyle, a reduction of our exposure to harmful substances, and physical activity can prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Zero contaminants Optimal digestibility

Chlorella has the capacity to absorb heavy metals and harmful substances.

  • The chlorella multilayer cell wall has potent absorption properties to polluting substances and binds harmful organic toxins and various heavy metals. heavy metals and other chlorogenic compounds can be eliminated, these substances strongly bind to the chlorella multi-layer cell wall and are excreted with the faeces.


Plant-Based Vitamins, Minerals, 20 Amino Acids, PUFA'S, Chlorophyll, Antioxidants, Fibers, Carotenoids, Lutein

Plant-based Superfood With Therapeutic Use, Chlorella Is The Plant With The Highest Natural Concentration In Chlorophyll. Chlorella Is Also Well Known For Its High Fiber Content. Chlorophyll And Fibers Are Highly Effective In The Prevention And Treatment Of Constipation Disorders.

Health-conscious individuals consume ActiveCells® Chlorella to perform an all-natural heavy metal, toxins excretion and strengthen their nutritional profile. Ultra-pure Chlorella Cultivated in closed glass tubes All nutrients preserved

How to use:
Adult and Pediatric dosage:

  • Before food (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), and 30 mins after coffee to increase the absorption of vitamins
  • A cure of 3 months to excrete harmful substances from the blood and adipose tissues is recommended with 3g on a daily basis for an adult.
  • A chlorella supplementation can well be combined with selenium (binding effects), garlic and wild garlic, vitamin c (antioxidants), probiotics (intestinal health), and spirulina (organ protection).

Chlorella, globally classified as food, is not a drug, and generally is well tolerated. Side effects, resulting from the elimination process and the initial toxic load of each individual, could be – during the first days – strong urine and stool smell, diarrhea, and slight gastrointestinal symptoms. As with any other food or intake, allergies, hypersensitivity, and intolerance can occur.

Chlorella should not be taken by people with phenylketonuria. People with autoimmune diseases might not tolerate the chlorella’s immune-enhancing effect.

The range of medical conditions benefiting from chlorella supplementation is real, wide, and well documented.

Excretes heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum) and environmental toxins.

Intestinal health
Reduces intestinal discomfort bloating and gas.
Cleanses the surface of the intestines.
Treats constipation or diarrhea by harmonizing the bowl.
Treats halitosis and other odors.

Weight management metabolism support
Overweight- ideal during any diet, detox, fasting period, treatment, or weight loss.
Dyslipidemia improvement after 21 weeks.
Insulin resistance.
Diabetes mellitus (as an additional supplement in the prevention of secondary effects).
Fatty liver.
Immunity response
Increases defense in recurrent infections e.G. Urinary tract infection, recurrent candida, and viral infections e.G. Herpes and mononucleosis.
Anti-aging and chronic diseases
Counteracts cellular damage resulting from diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis thanks to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.
Gives energy to people subject to stress, and to people suffering from chronic illnesses.
Brings plant-based protein, bioavailable vitamin b12, and amino acids to vegetarians' and vegans' diets.

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